1 About Instyle Tour Siem Reap Cambodia

Instyle Tour Siem Reap Cambodia (ITC) was initiated by group of experienced Tuk Tuk Driver in Siem Reap. Having seen the increase of tourists year and for the purpose of helping develop the tourism in Cambodia, Mr. Hang Chiva, an experienced Tuk Tuk driver, and his team established this online tour service in 2015.

Our main purposes are:

  1. To provide a reliable service to the ones who enjoy visiting the cultural
    tourism site of Siem Reap Province.
  2. To promote tourism sites in Cambodia.
  3. To share unique experience to the ones who perfer to know the Cambodia lifestyle, and
  4. To help travellers spend less times in travelling.

ITS have set several special tour programs named Magnificent tour, Unique tour, Contryside four, Floating village tour, temple tour and so on, Dear all valued tourists, if you perfer to spend your precious time to visit the cultural provincial town of Siem Rea, Instyle Tour Siem Reap Cambodia (ITC) is the best choice for you, We strongly committed to provide you th trustable service of our tour program. Spending less time and money but cansee more and receiving the trustable tour service and friendly drivers is at Instyle Tour Service Siem Reap Cambodia (ITC). We are here to welcome you warmly.

2 Introduction to Cambodia

Cambodia situated in Southeast Asia, with more than 14 million of population. It borders by Thailand, Vietnam, and Laos. There are two main seasons in Cambodia, rainy season (from March to December) and dry season (from January to April).

Cambodia was one of the Southeast Asian countries which had been prosperous in economy, management, and in power since the beginning of the 1st century up to Angkor Empire period in the13th Century. The leadership, management, and infra-structures were famous and progressively developed. The living conditions of people are moderate and grow gradually from time to time. It is also rich in traditional culture such as arts, music, martial arts, literature, and in architecture. There are many marvelous temples have been built in Cambodia. All of the things mentioned above had led Cambodia to the prosperity during that time.

Based on many historical researches, we had observed that the culture, social welfare, festival, tradition, and living conditions of Cambodian people had decreased after Angkor Empire period. From 14th – 20th century (Year 1415 – 1975), the Khmer people living in most vulnerable and difficult circumstances caused by civil and neighboring country invasion and wars.

From 1975-1979 Cambodian Country ruled over by Khmer Rouge and all people evacuated and forced to go out from town and their residences. Most of them live in oppression, repression, massacre, malnutrition, and skinny. All social welfare and infra-structure failed and bankruptcy. From 1979-1991 Cambodian people still have faced with civil war; have lived in oppression, repression, difficulty, and in risk situation. Most of them faced with famine, malnutrition, lack of health care, disables, and not having enough access to education at rural areas as well as in urban zones.

From 1993-2014 the Cambodian Country had under the Monarchy called The Kingdom of Cambodia and the constitution is stated about the multi-parties and freedoms. There are many NGOs, UN agencies, Investors, and other private sectors developed and worked in responding to the country development and people’s living conditions. Since then Cambodia has been developed gradually in all sectors. However, the agricultural and tourism sector was considered to be priority sector in helping develop national economy. Nowadays, Cambodia is one of the Southeast Asian countries in which economy and political sustainability increased remarkably.

For further details please go to the linked below: www.tourismcambodia.org.

3 About Siem Reap

Siem Reap, where the world famous heritage site of Angkor situated, is the greatest cultural tourism province which located North West Cambodia. There are more than 2000 ancient temples and many natural tourism sites over the province. Based on the historical researches, the word “Siem Reap” literally means Siamese (Thai) defeated, referring to the victory of the Khmer empire over the army of the Thai kingdom in the 17th century. Beside the temples and other tourism sites, the province is rich in traditional cultural lifestyle in which there are many minority groups of people have continued living with their own traditional lifestyle from the past.

During the civil war (from 1975-1979), Siem Reap is a part of killing field region of the Khmer Rouge, where there are thousands of people were killed and many infra-structure were damaged. After the war finished in 1979, the province has been developed gradually in all sectors especially in tourism absorbing millions of tourists came to visit every year. Nowadays, Siem Reap is the second largest tourist’s destination of Cambodia after the main city of Phnom Penh.

Based on the tourist increase year by year, small, huge, cheap, expensive hotels have sprung up and budget hotels have mushroomed. There has been a lot of Asian and Western restaurants served a variety of foods. Beside these above, there are many night clubs, 24-hours shops, souvenir shops, market places, and beer gardens have increased recognizably. So visitors can find whatever they want. There also have a regional international airport which situated about 7 kilometers west of Siem Reap provincial town that is easier for visitors who would like to flight directly from the neighboring countries.

For further details please go to the linked below: www.tourismcambodia.org.

4 About Temple 

In Cambodia, there are many priceless cultural architectures left by our ancestors since thousands years ago, those are the greatest temples. Nowadays, those greatest temples become a main tourist’s destination that has been absorbing millions of tourists coming to visit Cambodia every year. Base on researches, the temples were built by two main reasons, religious belief, and the king’s respect to the death ancestors. Since ancient time, Cambodian people experienced several religious belief or spirit respects. Once they worshiped to Hinduism, sometimes they worshiped to Buddhism, and sometimes they worshiped to animism. The king was considered to be a representative of the gods. And so, if the king worshiped to any religions, the temples were built to dedicate to any gods of those religions. By the way, in respect to their parents or ancestors, the temples were built by the king in ordered to express their grateful thanks to the death parents. They believed that the spirits of their ancestors will bless them happiness in life. These beliefs were continued from time to time that is why there are many temples were built. Nowadays, these temples become a useful cultural heritage for tourism helping in national economic development.

For further details please go to the linked below: www.tourcambodia.org.



  • We have only selected the main sites tailor-made for the day tour in Siem Reap.
  • Entrance tickets for Temple are excluded.
  • Children under 5 free and half price for children under 12.
  • Maximum of 7 people.
  • Price is a subject to change seasonally
  • Payment is done upon arrival
  • Works 7 days a week/ 12 hours a day (Cambodia time)
  • Emergency Aid Box is always loaded in Tuk Tuk for tourist security.

Price is a subjet to change seasonally. It's possible to book a tour in the last minute, but it would better to book early.