Tour Programs

Instyle Tours Cambodia (ITC) was initiated by a group of experienced Tuk Tuk Driver in Siem Reap. Having seen the increase of tourists year by year, we decided to establish this tour operator to provide you the tour services as the following:

Full-day Tours

Kbal Spean Benteay Sreiy Full day Tours

(Tour code: A1)

The temples, the scenery of natural forest, the wildlife sanctuary, and many things to see in one day. Our tour guide will lead you to the beautiful mountain, Klal Spean, to visit the water fall and the Thousand Lingas carved in the river and the other natural beauty of the jungle and wildlife. After that you will be led to wildlife reserve to see the reptiles, and birds rarely found in Cambodia. Finally, the tour guide will lead you back to see the beautiful temple of Banteay Srey, a temple made of pink sandstone. Furthermore, If you would like to take a Read more

Countryside Full Day Tours

(Tour code: B2)

Of great choice and unique, Countryside Tour is about scenery, people,and their culture...etc. Come here to realize everything you have never experienced of traditional hand-made incense rolling, mat and basket weaving, the production of Khmer noodle, palm sugar, and liquor, and other handicraft works. Seasonally, you will find the conventional way of plowing, rice planting and harvesting, house building, and other activities of Cambodian people earning a living. More than the above mentions, that’s Khmer ritual and traditional ceremony, if you are lucky. Make sense of your trip. Read more

4. Aquatic Discovery Full-day Tour

(Tour code: C3)

Just think and hear doesn’t make senses, come here and enjoy travelling with us is what you should do. These are the things that will make you unforgettable when you reach, the fishing’s of activities of the villagers, floating houses and schools, stilt houses, man-made fish traps, water way..... Read more

5. Temple Full Day Tour (Grand &Mini Tour )

(Tour code: D4)

If you would like to visit the greatest temples in Siem Reap province, Instyle Tour Cambodia (ITC) can certainly help you. Through our several year experiences with tourists we strongly believe that our service will serve you the best benefit. With Instyle Tour Cambodia............ Read more

Half-day tours

1. City visit

(Tour code: H1)

Taking a quick visit for Siem Reap town sightseeing is what tourists never imagined.Just leave from the hotel early in the morning ( 7:00 am ) then you will see many. The local markets-Cambodian spices, frog, dried fish and snake and more, and also the Buddhist temple, Preah Ang Check & Preah Ang Cham..... Read more

2. Temple half day tour

(Tour code: H2)

It’s a great choice for you to spend half day for temple visit if you get no enough time. Just leave the hotel at 7:00 am and take a quick safety drive to visit only the main temples-Angkor Wat, Bayon, and Taprom....... Read more

3. Country side half day tour/ The tours start at 7,00AM

(Tour code: H3)

Taking a few hours to see the countryside of Cambodia is more fantastic. Unexpected things will appear in front of you while driving. Seasonally, the busy farmers in the field doing a conventional farming, the Cambodian feeding and taking of their cattle, the means of transportation, and the more unexpected events are the things to absorb. Take a half day to see the most! Read more

Sunset Tour at the Floating Village

(Tour code: H5)

Sunset Tour is Great choice for you. It is not only about sunset but the natural beauty of the floating village, the forest, birds, and resident culture. We departure from the hotel at 12.00 pm and finish at 5.00 pm. Along the wary before watching the sunset, tourists will see the beautiful forest growing in the Lanle Sap river, Cambodian wetland birds.......

Read more

Bird Watching Tour

(Tour code: BT05H)

For those who enjoy bird-spotting for half day then ITC can be the first choice for you. Our bird guide will bring you to the bird site locating along the bank of Tonle Sap Lake with 25 mns driving by motorbike from Siem Reap.  We are the first who organise a tour to the this great patch. To a great extent, you will find a flock of the rare and great birds including lesser whistling duck, cattle egrets, painted storks, milky storks..................... Read more

Cycling for Life, Cycling for Love

Bike & Birds

(Tour code: B&B01)

Are you a biking, birding, or nature lover? if you are, feel free to add birds to your travel history with our bike and bird tour program.  This tour is for fun, excursion, educational, and exercise.  you are going to ride a giant bike for about 15km away from Siem Reap city to wetland and scrub forest of the Tonle Sap bank where the birds are always plentiful........

Read more

Bike & Countryside

(Tour code: B&C02)

Better the lives through bike! Give your love through bike! It’s really wonderful if you can spend your times to take a bike tour with Instyle Tours Cambodia (ITC) because this is for charity project. All the incomes from our bike will be used to support our partner organization, New Future for the Poor Organization (NFPO) ,......

Read more

Bike & Temples

(Tour code: B&T03)

If you don't want to visit the temples by car or van as others do, cycling is your alternative way. It's totally about 25 km to ride a bike to visit all the main temples in the Angkor Complex Area......... Read more


  • We have only selected the main sites tailor-made for the day tour in Siem Reap.
  • Entrance tickets for Temple are excluded.
  • Children under 5 free and half price for children under 12.
  • Maximum of 7 people.
  • Price is a subject to change seasonally
  • Payment is done upon arrival
  • Works 7 days a week/ 12 hours a day (Cambodia time)
  • Emergency Aid Box is always loaded in Tuk Tuk for tourist security.

Price is a subjet to change seasonally. It's possible to book a tour in the last minute, but it would better to book early.

Mr. Chiva Hang

Instyle Tour Siem Reap Cambodia was initiated by Mr.Chiva Hang and friends. Mr. Chiva Hang a long-year experiences Tuk Tuk Driver was born in the countryside of Siem Reap province, Cambodia. Read More >>

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